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Powerful Alone, Stronger Together – Julien Cordoniou

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Just an ordinary people that love to try a new experiences, writing a blog posts, reading a books, traveling and photography. you can see my street photography portfolio at my Instagram: @id.streetphoto *Semua artikel yang saya tulis di blog ini adalah pendapat, asumsi dan pemahaman pribadi saya dan tidak terikat pada lembaga apapun.

Collaboration is now a part of the core support workflow. No support team works in isolation. It works with a host of other functions – from finance and operations to marketing and sales – to answer customer queries, engineer refunds and replacements, and eventually deliver delightful experiences.

As per a report by Deloitte, employees work 15% faster when they collaborate. It is essential that your support team has the tools to seamlessly bring all hands on deck when it needs to.

“ Collaboration is important among all employees of the company, especially among those who haven’t interacted before. I see it could be a competitive advantage if one embraces that. How to make every employee productive and collaborative is something we talk a lot about today and I see it as a big trend for the next few years”.

Julien Cordoniou, VP Workplace by Facebook

Source: Freshwork Expert Insights CX 2020

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