The Power of Starting Something Stupid – Book

The Power of Starting Something Stupid book. What’s it about?

The book explains why right now is the best time for you to put your fears to bed and chase your dreams. With useful tip about how you can achieve your goal and prevent living in regret, these book reveal how seemingly stupid ideas may actually be your key to success and fulfillment.

The key message in this book:

If you don’t start realizing that pressing idea of yours right now, it will never happen. Your will always find an excuse: lack of money, time or experience. Don’t live a life of regret. Embrace pressing ideas of yours now, even if other people consider them “stupid”.

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Actionable Advice:

Write it all down!

If whole bunch of projects are on your mind, write them down. Then you can choose which one to pursue now.

Send yourself all those idea in an email so you always have a searchable date-stamped reference for later.

Now consider if you only had a short time to live, which of those ideas would you go after first? You’ll find the one pressing idea of project that you need to start working on. Now.

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